September 15, 2009

ASP.NET web application debug problem

Error Message: 
Unable to start debugging on the web server. The server does not support debugging of or atl server application. Click help for more information on how to enable debugging.

You might need to manually register the ASP.NET with IIS. 
For registering ASP.NET, open Visual studio command prompt and type command aspnet_regiis –i and hit enter key to run it. Now restart ASP.NET and it should be working fine.

September 14, 2009

Welcome to simple ways to solve some IT problems

Welcome to the small world of simple ways for solving some IT problems, which I am facing during my daily programming job.

Generally programmers like us face few challenges every other day if not daily. We spend a good time to research every possible material we can find. This can be a very easy job, if we find right information early in this process.

This blog is about the simple solutions I found during my daily programming duties with a hope that somebody can use it to solve their similar problems. Or may be someone can suggest us a better solution for the same.